Little Steven’s Underground Garage explores the history of rock

Music fans love finding connections and similarities between songs (almost as much as music lawyers love finding them). Steven Van Zandt, guitarist for Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, believes that these connections, especially between rock songs, represent how the genre is continuous from the 1950s to today. That’s why, on his radio show, Van Zandt (or Little Steven, as he’s known) doesn’t divide songs by either genre or era. You’ll hear the Rolling Stones next to modern post-punk group The Rosettes.Little Steven produces both a weekly radio show, which you can hear online at, and a channel on Sirius XM Radio. The satellite channel features a variety of different hosts:

  • Andrew Loog Oldham: original manager and producer for the Rolling Stones
  • Handsome Dick Manitoba: lead singer for New York Punk band The Dictators
  • The Mighty Manfred: lead singer for the Woggles
  • Kim Fowley: legendary producer, manager, and songwriter
  • Kid Leo: famous radio DJ from Cleveland who now co-hosts with Bill Kelly
  • Genya Ravan: singer of the girl rock group Goldie & The Gingerbreads

In addition, Little Steven himself hosts regular shows in between these other programs.Steven himself has been integral to the evolution of rock during his time as part of the E Street Bandsome believe that he may be the one actually playing the guitar line on the recorded version of “Born to Run”. He also produced a number of other groups, including the LA group Lone Justice and the first album of punk rockers Demolition 23 (featuring members of Hanoi Rocks). Van Zandt also had a star turn in television, playing Silvio Dante on the popular television show The Sopranos.

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